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When it comes to online gambling with real money, you need to play safe. That’s precisely why Microgaming Casino was born. Our goal is to help you enter the world of online gambling on the right foot. The internet is digital jungle of game providers and we want you to be able to choose carefully and play at the best casinos with the biggest bonuses and hottest jackpots. Most importantly, we lead you only to an online casino that promotes safe and responsible online gaming.

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We are a free online gambling guide where you can sharpen your skills playing hundreds of flash-based Microgaming casino games before you play real money at our host online casino. All the games, advice and tips we offer are 100 percent free for our ever-growing community of visitors. Microgaming Casino is where you learn more than just the basics of the online casino scene and what our host casino is all about. Our tutorials are easy to understand and designed for the novice as well as experienced online gambler.

The online casino world is all about bonuses, promotions, secure banking methods, loyalty programs, and customer care. You need to know which casinos excel in these areas and we make that task easier by providing all the information possible. Explore our website and you are guaranteed to make a well informed decision before you register and play real money.

By using Microgaming Casino you benefit from our vast experience of online gambling and don’t end up in deep trouble when you play online. Whether you are a novice or hardcore online gambler, we have information, advice, guides and reviews of every online casino that has our stamp of approval. Our visitors are our highest priority and we want everyone coming back for more. So, if you are ready to enter the world of online gaming, a virtual Las Vegas of sorts, let us lead the way to a safe and secure online casino experience.

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Every new game released by Microgaming will be available right here on our website. We will keep you in the know of new releases, special offers, promotions and everything there is to make you a better player. All you have to do is sign up for our free newsletter.

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Will Dixon – Will has vast experience in the gambling industry with a penchant for and writing about online gambling. He has been playing casino games and spinning the reels for over a decade. He enjoys passing on his accumulated wisdom regarding strategy and odds to fellow online gamblers. An analytical mind and the urge to explore deeper and test new machines and progressive jackpot meters keeps Will one step ahead in the online casino industry.